NanoWallet has been released in its newest version 1.2.2. NanoWallet is a secure, light and fast wallet offering not just transactions and messaging but unique services such as multisig and NEM´s brand new service Apostille. It celebrated its premier release on the NEM blockchain and is the first service offering transferable and split ownership blockchain notarizations and also introduces new updating and messaging services along with the ability to make a QR to pair with a notarized product so that it can be easily tracked, updated, and messaged.

NanoWallet also improved its account, mosaic, and namespace explorer. And lastly, you can now make an account on NanoWallet and export it to a mobile via QR.

  • The Changelog includes:
  • Namespaces & Mosaics explorer
  • Accounts explorer
  • QR to export an account to android & Ios
  • New Apostille certificate
  • Nty data separated by network in local storage
  • Apostilles are private by default
  • User's Apostille history moved in service page
  • Ring on confirmed and unconfirmed transactions (Same as Lightwallet)
  • Japanese and Polish translations
  • Switch for mainnet fee fork
  • Improved comments of Utils and Services for jsDoc
  • Minor fixes and design

Screenshot of the new Apostille history, showing the active Apostille service. Users can now update, message, or split ownership, as well as click on the account of the notarization to view its full details in the Explorer.

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