Mosaics are a very important backbone of the NEM platform, they are a part of what makes the smart asset system unique and flexible. They are fixed assets on the NEM blockchain that can represent a set of multiple identical things that do not change.

A mosaic could be a token, but it could also be a collection of more specialized assets such as reward points, shares of stock, signatures, status flags, votes or even other currencies.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to send and receive mosaics using your NEM Wallet.

Part 1 | Sending Mosaics
Step 1:
Once you’ve logged into your NEM Wallet, click the ‘Send’ tab located at the top left corner of the header menu.


Step 2:
Tick the ‘Mosaic transfer’ checkbox.


Step 3:
Choose a mosaic from the drop-down menu on the right hand panel.

In this example, we’ll use LoyalCoin.

LoyalCoin utilizes the namespace ‘appsolutely’ and uses ‘lyl’ as its mosaic token, so we will select ‘appsolutely:lyl’ from the drop-down menu.


Step 4:
Click Attach, then set the amount you wish to send.


Step 5:
Enter the wallet address of the recipient, then enter your wallet password.

Click the ‘Send’ button.


Congratulations! You have now sent LoyalCoin mosaics (LYL).

IMPORTANT: If you are sending mosaics to an exchange, you might need to enter a unique message as an identifier. Follow the instructions provided by the exchange, otherwise your deposits will be lost.

Part 2 | Receiving Mosaics
To receive mosaics from another NEM Wallet or an exchange account, simply provide your NEM address to the sender.

You can get your NEM account address by clicking the ‘Account’ in the upper right-hand corner.


Once the transaction has been confirmed by the NEM blockchain, the history will show up on your dashboard.