Yes! We are launching!

NEM version 0.5.19-BETA was released on March 16th which included new features such as easy display of private keys for accounts in your wallet file and easy importing and exporting of wallet files making the latest beta release easier and safer than ever to use. Version 0.5.19 also sports an impressive 40 issues being closed on Github which includes GUI bug fixes and many improvements within the client GUI as well as internal improvements.

But, Version 0.5.19 will soon be history. We are actually launching! Entries into the Nemesis block are now complete and everything appears to be in order for a launch. March 31st will be history in the making for NEM. March 31st at 19:00 UTC, 2015 shall mark the beginning of a NEW ECONOMY MOVEMENT! Together we can set in motion events that will change us, and the world as we know it forever for the better.

Final NEM Development Contract

The final NEM Development Contract is a piece of documentation that has been in the works for a very long time and it will replace the initial draft development contract. It is now finally concluded and will be released at launch.

What this document outlines is how the NEM core & extended team will proceed as we move towards NEM Version 1 (V1). It includes goals for V1, the breakdown of how unclaimed and sock puppet stakes shall be split into various funds and what they shall be spent on as well as various other matters.

There are particular sections that are subject to change due to unknowns moving forward, therefore some sections are not set in stone as you would expect with a regular contract. These sections are marked and explained in the footnotes so be sure to pay close attention to them. We hope this document will be a good point of reference and clear up confusion going forward.

NEM Forum and Website

Along with the logo improvement, we are also consolidating our information and communication channels.There have been some changes among NEM related sites in an attempt to make information easier to find and streamline access to certain information or sites. As a result, the NEM forum moved to “” (formerly “”) and the website moved to “” (formerly “”). So please update your bookmarks in your browser.

Latest Articles

Recently there has been an exciting increase in interest from media sources. A number of prominent outlets have expressed interest in hosting articles on the subject of NEM and its development, which members of the marketing team are preparing as we speak.

We have also seen a new article on Cointelegraph that focuses on NEM’s proof-of-importance algorithm among other aspects. The article can be found here, albeit, with some factual errors. We are pleased to see the increase in attention from media outlets, as it shows that interest has not been lost over the course of the extended beta testing period and if anything, the journalists are always very enthusiastic about NEM’s prospects.

We can likely expect to see many new pieces on NEM in the coming weeks and months as interest in NEM continues to grow.

8BTC & NEM in China

Following the article published by Cointelegraph, one of the premier crypto website in China, 8BTC, published their own version in Chinese. This version was quite well written and the facts appear to have been corrected as well.

8BTC has expressed interest in following up with the development of NEM and they request that if we wish to publish any articles in future, they should also be given the same in Chinese so that they can publish it at the same time. 8BTC will monitor the response and interest of NEM and will allocate a dedicated NEM column on their website if the interest is high. This will bode well for NEM as this is one of the main focal point websites for anything crypto related in China.

The Chinese NEM community has been very active translating a lot of our articles into Chinese. Special thanks to RenolTeng.Li and his enthusiastic Chinese NEMsters who doubled up as translators, and who have been tireless working on the promotion of NEM. We should not be surprised that the Chinese may well turn out to be a huge support base of NEM in the very near future, a region we should not ignore. NEM China is already set up with a thread in 8BTC.

NEM China is also developing their own communication channels, some of which can be found here:

For the record, XEM is known as Xin Jing Bi in Chinese.

Logo Improvement

The NEM logo saga has lasted for just over a year at this stage spanning multiple threads, forums, telegram and various other places. Though it was a long, arduous saga that at times seemed never ending, it has finally come to a close, albeit quite an anticlimactic one, it has yielded a fantastic logo that won over 71.4% of votes.

The new logo, which has adopted the title of “the shield” for its resemblance to a shield, is the result of a logo “refresh” conducted by the winning designer from 99Designs. The idea of a shield appealed to many due to NEM’s strong focus on building the safest, most secure crypto-platform to date. The old logo - the “fan” - won a landslide vote against the top 7 best new design proposals. Since the “fan” logo was still a favoured logo, the winning designer was tasked with improving the “fan” logo. We hope that all NEMsters will be proud of the new logo.

Here are a number of guides already published on our new blog: