About Supernodes

The NEM Supernode's program is funded with XEM set aside during the Nemesis block. These awards are then given to high performance nodes for helping to secure the network. These nodes form a backbone of support for light wallets, mobile wallets, and 3rd party apps so that users of these services might have access to the network that is easy, fast, and reliable without having to sync a blockchain by themselves or use untrustworthy centralized services.

The NEM network has been designed from the very beginning with the goal in mind that any light client can securely connect to and use any server safely to make any transaction. Supernodes are expected to be high performance and reliable nodes. They are regularly tested on their bandwidth, chain height, chain parts, computing power, version, ping, and responsiveness to make sure that they are performing to high standards. If they meet all these requirements, they are given rewards daily.

Rewards for the Supernodes program started on June 1st, 2016. The payout started at 70,000 XEM per day and will be split among all nodes that pass the tests for the day. This payout is planned to be increased at regular increments. In the event of a Supernode’s program update and/or downtime of the Supernode’s monitor, rewards will not be paid for that day.

Supernodes FAQ

How do I enroll in Supernodes?
Please visit the Supernodes Tutorial Thread in the forum for a complete tutorial.

How can I benefit or get paid for running a supernode?
Every Supernode has to pass a series of tests, those who pass get a guaranteed incentive for supporting the network having met a certain performance. The amount of the incentive depends on the number of participating Supernodes which passes the tests as the reward for each day is split equally among all supernodes that passed the tests that day.

At the start of the Supernode Rewards Program on June 1st, 2016, the daily payment for all working supernodes together will be 70.000 XEM.* This is scheduled to be increased later.

If, for example, the network consists of 100 Supernodes, every holder will receive 700 XEM a day.

*Payments will be made with due diligence by the NEM team, but in the case that the NEM Team’s Supernode server and monitor is down or being upgraded, rewards will not be paid for that time. Rewards will resume when the server is back online and functioning properly.

How is the supernode reward program financed?
The Supernode Reward Program is funded with over 211 million XEM set aside in the Supernode's Fund and explained in the NEM Development Contract to encourage people in helping to support the NEM network until it can sustain itself from the generated transaction fees.

What do I need to run a supernode?
Most important is to have the minimum XEM balance required to start as a supernode. You need a server of your own, at home or a rented VPS that must fulfill at least the following hardware requirements:

  • RAM: At least 1GB recommended (at least 768MB to NIS and 128MB to the servant)

  • CPU: 1Ghz+ single core or more is recommend

  • Upstream: at least 5mbps

  • Open inbound/outbound TCP ports for 7778, 7880, and 7890 on firewalls and routers

If the server passes each round of tests for the day, it becomes eligible to receive rewards.

VPS’s that meet the guidelines can be found at the following sites:

Digital Ocean

To get started take a look into the Supernodes guide that includes a detailed description here.

What tests does my Supernode have to pass?
Supernodes will be tested for bandwidth, chain height, chain part, computing power, bonded XEM, current NIS version, ping, and responsiveness.

Supernode Requirements

How many supernodes can be run on a server?
You need to have one server per supernode.

Can I still harvest when I get super node rewards?
Yes, of course. It is expected that Supernodes will be harvesting on the deposit.

Is there a Supernode Explorer so that I can check the status of my node and other nodes?
Yes, you can find it here.

Still questions?
You can ask them here.