The Sound of NEM

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The Sound of NEM

Guess the sound in the video and win

This round is canceled.

Send 1250 XEM with your guess in the transaction message (please encrypt) to:


Sound of NEM Hints:

Some countries may guess the answer quicker.

It is not an electronic device.

Please read the rules below.

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  1. The FIRST right guess wins. In other words: The game/round ends after the first right guess came in. All guesses that come in after that will be refunded, no matter if the answer was correct or not.
    Note: If more than 1 right guess comes in at the same time (same block height), the prize will be shared.
  • You may try as many times as you like.
  • Only 1 guess per message.
  • Guesses are accepted in English only.
  • Do NOT send your guess from an exchange account, but send it always from your private wallet, otherwise a refund could get lost.
  • If your guess fee is lower than required, your guess will not be considered and you will not get refunded.
  • We recommend to send your guess encrypted (just check the checkbox “Encrypt” below your message to do so). If you send an unencrypted guess, you will not get disqualified from the game, but be aware that everybody can then read your guess by checking the blockchain and that could help your competitors.

Further information:

  • The sound is recorded with professional equipment by Microove and is recorded on video as well. The original video will be released online as proof of the right answer.
  • To provide additional security the right answer will be sent in an encrypted message from Microove (NAIRXD-HYOZIB-SJMBSV-SCRMBH-74I26C-ZEGO2R-ITOT) to the current guess account before the game begins. When the game is over, the private key of the guess account will be published, so everybody can see the correct answer and all the subsequent incoming guesses to verify everything.
  • We will publish a win as fast as possible (here, on Twitter and Facebook), but since we have to evaluate the right guess manually, there will be a short delay.
  • If games last extended periods, hints may be given. Those hints will be announced here, on Facebook and Twitter.
  • The prize pool account (NCYYBH-7Z6KZ7-C4YV2N-I72IAX-HC64WF-MUWINX-EM2X) and the game guess account (which changes every round) are multisig secured accounts and the cosigners are Microove, Mixmaster, Jabo38, and Kodtycoon.

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Past games:

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