Open Sourcing the NEM Core — Another Milestone Achievement

Eight months after the NEM Dev Team has open sourced NEM Community Client we are ready to reach another milestone in the evolution of the NEM ecosystem.

Today the NEM team is proud to release another pieces of the software to the public: the core of the system and deployment package.

The NEM core is an important part for both NIS and NCC. Arguably one of the most interesting parts would be org.nem.core.crypto, which includes all cryptographic procedures like signing and verifying of signatures.

The release of org.nem.core should let the public evaluate the cryptographic primitives used. Above that core includes building blocks like Transactions, Blocks and Messages. Additionally, the release of NEM core makes the compilation of NCC much easier.

In addition, org.nem.deploy will be released. NEM deploy is a bootstrapper for both NCC and NIS. It’s main responsibility is starting both of them and initializing Jetty.

It’s important to note that with the release of org.nem.core and org.nem.deploy, NCC is fully open sourced and no longer has any closed source dependencies.

We hope everyone, far and wide, is encouraged to work on the NCC so that we can bring the best out of the NEM ecosystem. Even if you do not know how to code, but have great ideas, please talk to your friends, family, relatives, and business colleagues who know programming and get them to help you to implement your great ideas.

The source code is available at:
Pull requests will be accepted, and we’re looking forward to contributions from the community.

Thank you very much for your patience and continued support.

The NEM Team