As part of NEM’s ongoing partnership strategy to strengthen both our existing NIS1 platform and to provide opportunity to the NEM Community to stake their XEM, we are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with MyCointainer.

MyCointainer is a staking services platform that makes it simple and easy for XEM holders to transfer their tokens into the MyCointainer wallet and to then earn staking rewards - with next to no effort.  

The online and automatic staking and masternode platform offers access to staking pools, making the potential rewards more stable and the longer the XEM is staked, the greater the potential rewards.  

To earn staking rewards on MyCointainer, the process is as simple as 1. Purchase or transfer your XEM tokens into the MyCointainer staking wallet, 2. MyCointainer will use a combination of masternodes and POS to start generating the rewards and 3. MyCointainer will update you on the size and nature of your staked XEM reward.

MyCointainer only earns commission of 2.23% if the staked token generates a reward.  

To find out more and to get started on earning rewards from staked XEM, please go to MyCointainer

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