NEM Foundation gladly announced its recently signed cooperation pact with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Community Development (MOCD). This partnership entails the provision of NEM blockchain consultation services to the ministry. In addition, the parties have mutually agreed to exchange valuable information, knowledge, and updates on emerging technologies in blockchain.

It was reported that Assistant Undersecretary of Policies Sector at UAE’s MOCD, Sana Mohammed Suhail, had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NEM Foundation Council Member and Regional Head of NEM Southeast Asia, Stephen Chia. The pact was signed during the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) held in Dubai, and was brought about so that the UAE federal government may further improve its strategies.

Furthermore, this partnership intends to provide citizens with a better standard of living and services that are sustainable, innovative, and high-quality. This will also enable UAE to achieve its goal of becoming a fully-digital government by year 2021.

Stephen Chia stated that the partnership with MOCD is one of the many engagements had by NEM UAE team with the Dubai government and UAE administration, discussing the implementation of blockchain technology to their systems.

“We at NEM look forward to support the Dubai government in their vision to be a fully-digital government by 2021, and their goal of being world’s first blockchain-powered city by 2020.” –Stephen Chia, NEM Foundation Council Member and Regional Head of NEM Southeast

Sana Mohamed Suhail also said that MOCD’s main agenda is to promote social work which would help them obtain community coexistence. This may be achieved by developing integrated policies and creating provisions for innovative social work.

“Combining the abovementioned with a stimulating working environment that is in accordance with the best international standards is to satisfy all the demands and needs of the community categories and ensure their access to easy and fast services.” –Sana Mohamed Suhail, Assistant Under-Secretary – Policies Sector, UAE MOCD

The NEM blockchain platform will be helping MOCD’s attempt in communicating with their citizens actively. Its adoption of blockchain technology will include initiatives on development programs that will satisfy and meet their needs and meet the expectations.

Reference: MEDIUM

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