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TL;DR - New year, new brand, new ways to connect. Get direct help in NEM2 Slack, and follow along with release updates. New test network and existing test network will run in parallel. Symbol branding being implemented. TREZOR will not be available until after XYM launch due to new TREZOR listing criteria. Final testing happening now on opt-in data processing practice runs.

Communications & Support Update

As we are getting into the home stretch of testing before the public network launch, we are updating how tech and product are communicating with and supporting our community.

Communications: We will post regular updates as we move through release cycles and these final phases to the public network launch.

Support (Where To Go To Get Tech and Product Questions Answered.)

  • NEM development Slack group

The latest invite link is always available at the bottom of the developer center site:

The most popular Slack channels for help relating to testnet and general testing are:


Latest Update: Symbol Testnet

  • With the latest release it was required to generate a new nemesis block. Instead of restarting the existing network, we typically start a new network alongside the existing one (this approach allows for minimal to no impact for all the various internal and external developers and partners who are leveraging the network)

  • New network was launched on Wednesday 1/22 and after verification of the network behaving as expected a new public release was made of the code for version (

    • This marks the first test network launched with the new ticker “symbol.xym” which was recently chosen after the finalized community vote.
    • All future test networks and eventual main net launch will use the new ticker and related branding (more on that below).
  • The previous network that has been running for a couple of months will continue to run for another few weeks, we will then begin to shut down the base services for it. This will give everyone ample time to move their testing and efforts over to the new network when it is convenient. While having ample time you should begin to migrate your testing efforts now.

  • There are currently at least two more known sets of updates and fixes coming to the core server code base, some of which will require a reset/restart of the network, and some that do not. Over the next couple of weeks the core development team will be prepping these updates while finishing off some scoping and estimates for implementation and testing timing. As we progress on development more updates will be provided on scheduling of any future test network updates and resets.

Moving to the Symbol.xym Network

  • Moving your existing development and testing efforts from the old network to the new symbol.xym network is relatively easy depending on how you have been engaging with the network.

If you have created any accounts, wallets, etc, note that they will not exist on the new network. Any balances, mosaics, namespaces, etc that were created on the previous network will have to be recreated on the new one if they are part of your ongoing testing and development.

NOTE: this update was built with the same parameters as the previous so if you have any network parameters such as currency mosaic IDs or network generation hash values hard wired in your testing, your connection should still work without changes

  • As noted above, should you not want to disrupt your current dev/testing efforts feel free to slowly migrate your setup over the next couple of weeks, we will announce as we start shutting down previous version services.

  • If you are/were running a test network node you will need to use the latest version which behaves in the same manner but has been prepared with the new nemesis created for the network and a couple config updates. You can find it here.

  • Links and details also updated in the latest documentation release here.

NOTE: If you were before, or are planning to run permanent testnet nodes and harvesters feel free to drop notes on the #sig-testing channel and team members can send, or re-send, larger amounts of symbol.xym to increase harvesting odds.

  • For those that have been using and testing the desktop wallet, we have setup a new temporary repository for the movement to the new network:

  • If you previously were using the wallet you can delete the previous installations as this new one will point automatically to the new network.

Server Support For Older x86 Architectures

  • Currently the builds and releases of the core server is focused on x86 architectures that are not very old.

  • We have received messages from various testers via the #help channel that have experienced errors trying to launch nodes on hardware that is much older. We are aware and will be putting some efforts into test builds to target older x86 arch’s and will update when there are builds/releases available for testing.

NIS1 Opt-in Updates

Lots of questions are being asked about the status of opt-in preparation and readiness.

  • The team is in the final testing stretch to simulate and verify the opt-in data processing side of things. This covers the process that will occur after the opt-in snapshot height is reached and the tools being built will read and verify the NIS1 opt-in data and generate the output that will be fed into the nemesis creation for the new Symbol network. Once this final testing phase is completed we will be ready to package and release the first parts of the opt-in tool.

  • The first phase of opt-in tool release is in the form of the NEM Wallet (also called nanowallet). Users that use the NEM Wallet will be able to download a new release and perform the opti-in procedure.

  • The library that powers the NEM Wallet plugin will also be made available for any 3rd parties or people interested in programmatically performing opt-in via their own custom process(es) or client(s).

  • We are also looking into packaging the library into a focused stand-alone mobile application for those that do not have access to a computer that can run NEM Wallet. More updates on this to come, this will be released some time AFTER the NEM Wallet plugin/release.

Symbol Hardware Wallet Support

Work has been progressing on hardware wallet support, with initial focus on TREZOR and ledger support.

  • TREZOR work has been completed to the point of being in the final ready state for packaging and submission to review. We have recently learned that TREZOR now has updated criteria for welcoming new tokens to their hardware (which is problematic with launching a new network/token.)
  1. Must be a “top 30” token.
  2. Must leverage new implementation technique for better support between old/new TREZOR hardware.
  3. Pass basic review of a pull request for their firmware.

This means we will be pushing to finalize the approval process with them after the XYM token launch when it settles into its place in the markets.

  • Ledger support is still under development, we will have more updates in February for the state of it and their related update/listing criteria as we move things along.

  • Some of the NEM team is looking into other backups for hardware wallet support beyond TREZOR/Ledger, as they progress research and conversations the tech and product team will take that input and engage where needed.

Symbol Branding and Product Updates

  • As many of you in the community have already seen, the project is creating a new brand for the launch of the version 2 network and related products/services.

  • The final piece was settled recently with the completed vote for the ticker for the public network token. The branding agency and NEM marketing team are now working to create and finalize all the necessary design and branding assets needed for the launch. This includes design assets that will be leveraged in the various products and services that we have today and new ones that will be worked on in the future.

  • In the coming weeks you will start to notice a range of minor then major updates for reflecting the new branding. This will include the block explorer, desktop wallet, the cli tool, developer/documentation site and several other areas in the project.

We encourage everyone to set up a node and try testnet, let’s grow together! Guide here.

The NEM development team