Dear community,

We are excited to announce the Request for Information (RFI) for a market strategy agency (also known as “service provider”) to assist with the Foundation’s efforts in building out awareness and adoption of blockchain technology in Japan. This RFI is to identify qualified agencies to provide strategic expertise with regards to brand building within communities and enterprise segments, supporting public relations activities, fostering strong relations with key partners, assisting with localization support and overall improved communications with our Japanese userbase.

Note: The service provider for this project can only be a legally registered organization or a private contractor registered in accordance with the laws of their jurisdiction.

We’re looking to add to our team by finding the right agency to:

  1. Improve relationships and support for the NEM Japanese community and partners.
  2. Move the needle significantly toward the adoption of the NEM ecosystem in Japan.
  3. Acquire more talent to contribute to NEM’s ecosystem.

The project timeline is as follows:
Open: 23th of July 12:00 AM UTC
Close: 28th of July 12:00 AM UTC

To sign up to the Bonfire portal, please click here.

To find out the details on this RFI proposal, please click here.

For more information on the NEM SP program, please click here.