A new partnership across Latin America

SINGAPORE, January 16, 2018 — The NEM Foundation and SynergyCryptoAdviser, a Colombian company specializing in trading trainings, will form an alliance to integrate NEM users into the Latin American ecosystem through information dissemination of both companies’ projects.

According to Pedro Gutiérrez, CEO of SynergyCryptoAdviser, the alliance was born with the objective of offering the ecosystems of Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela the opportunity to know, develop, and implement the NEM blockchain technology that supports XEM cryptocurrency, the sixth-leading digital currency with the highest market capitalization.

To achieve this goal, SynergyCryptoAdviser and NEM will organize monthly meetups to provide information on the leading platform in terms of currency support, and then train interested developers in working with the NEM API as its versatility opens doors in adopting possible alternatives in Latin America.

The first meeting will take place in Bogotá, Colombia. The official launch of the meetups is expected to be on February 15 at the Double Tree By Hilton hotel. For more information, join NEM LATAM Telegram channel.

The integration of NEM in Latin America will take place with the creation of embassies in the different countries, which will help make the blockchain’s features available for enthusiasts.

NEM is a blockchain platform on which one can create other cryptocurrencies. It works to manage property registers, digitize office paperwork, follow supply chains, create mobile payment alternatives and many more!

Another aspect for which the NEM blockchain stands out is the possibility of customizing the blockchain to the point that developers can choose whether they want it public or private. This capacity of modifications has turned NEM into one of the most used blockchain to support projects and issue currencies, which are beneficial qualities in a thriving ecosystem similar to that of the US.

For its part, SynergyCryptoAdviser plays a fundamental role in the NEM integration into Latin America as the region is a substantial part of its plans in 2018. This demonstrates the potential of Latin America as an ecosystem for linked technological developments to digital currencies.

The project’s tasks include providing training in cities in the Dominican Republic and Spain.

Bitcoin is not everything

“It’s not all about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash,” comments CEO Pedro Gutiérrez, as there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies with as much or more capitalization potential than Bitcoin. In fact, the potential of XEM is not limited to its market value — the NEM platform is positioning itself as a notable alternative to support initial offers of currencies.

There are other cryptocurrencies, and sooner or later it will not only be sixth but higher, or it will be leading the ICO in another way.”

Pedro Gutiérrez
CEO, SynergyCryptoAdviser

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