This is a joint message for our community on behalf of the Symbol Migration Group, comprised of The NEM Foundation, NEM Studios, NEM Ventures, and Tech Bureau Holdings.

Japanese: Forthcoming
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Mandarin: Forthcoming
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Russian: Forthcoming

Community Message: Due to further feedback received from the community, we are restructuring the content of our updates. In the hopes of simplifying migration updates, all standing and previous updates will no longer be included in every post. Migration updates will now solely include milestones reached and/or updates to timelines. Our aim is to produce shorter (but more frequent) updates for the community.

Project Timeline update

During recent weeks, our team has identified a few bugs in the network. There are currently a set of updates and fixes coming to the core server code base, which will require a reset/restart of the network. If there are no major issues, we are currently targeting Q2 2020, and there will be more scheduling updates as testing continues.

This is not a hard launch date and the snapshot date will also be dependent on a number of factors. Over the next couple of weeks the core development team will be prepping these updates while finishing off some scoping and estimates for implementation and testing timing. As we progress on development more updates will be provided on scheduling of any future test network updates and resets.

Thanks for your continued support,

Migration Committee