Dona has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from AMA University in Makati, Philippines. Her 20 years of experience has seen her work in many different areas including engineer consultancy, banking, customer service, and research. She has also worked as a design engineer, HSE representative, and management representative. She previously worked in organizations such as Fujitsu, DELL, American Express, HSBC, JPMorgan, Chase Bank, and Promat BD Ltd ME, a subsidiary of Marla Tube Fittings Ltd.

Dona spearheaded the NEM Middle East team as well as helping to establish NEM teams in other regions such as Singapore and Ukraine during the early stages of recruitment. She helped to lead the Middle East team before being elected Treasurer to the NEM Foundation where she now works on operations, finance and communications globally.

Dona presenting at the Abu Dhabi meet up

How did you get involved in blockchain?
I was first introduced to blockchain by a friend who I turned to for help when I was looking for a part time job online. I was hesitant at first but he said that it’s not a scam and that it’s a working platform with many use cases. I started researching about blockchain and after many months of reading and learning I was ready to share about NEM and help launch the NEM UAE Team. Our first NEM 101 was at a friend’s house who welcomed us to share about cryptocurrency and the NEM blockchain. Since then we have hosted many meetups and technical training workshops in Dubai, India and Turkey.

The NEM UAE team have worked incredibly hard in pushing NEM’s blockchain adoption. We have a MoU signed with the Ministry of Community Development of UAE for the migration of their services to blockchain using features such as voting and apostille. We also helped launch the first university blockchain challenge together with Heriot Watt University- Dubai Campus that was endorsed by Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Sharjah Meet up

Heriot Watt University — Dubai Campus MOU Signing

Why do you like NEM?
The technology is the most user friendly I’ve ever come across. It defines the power of what blockchain can do to transform industries. It is enterprise ready and has solutions that are working and ready to be used like apostille, voting and multisig features.

What are you looking forward to this year?
I am looking forward to the new NEM Catapult Wallet and the much awaited Catapult Release by Q4 this year! I guess all of us are and I can’t wait to finally see it’s completion.

Which part of Catapult are you most excited about?

I am thrilled about the added security in Catapult using the cross-network replay protection where transactions from networks with the same identifiers are distinguished so that they cannot be applied to both networks.

Fun Facts:
Favourite Movie: The Cutting Edge / Facing the Giants
Favourite hobby: Badmington
Dream holiday destination: Paris or Korea