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Makoto Takemiya called for truce and quietly left NEM sometime in May of 2016. The core team evaluated the matter and assessed that it was better to split ways quietly and look forward, rather than going public about the details of what caused the split. We deemed it most appropriate to make a gentlemen's agreement between all parties involved to not divert from the matter and carry on with our business.

We have always kept that agreement from our end, but recent events forced us to review our position. Sometime in mid-April of 2017, a book was released by Nikkei publication, titled, “Virtual Currency and Blockchain by Toshihisa Kinouchi”. On page 198, it read, in summary, that Makoto was the inventor of NEM and was a lead in the NEM and mijin blockchain project. The page was basically a “panegyric of a great legend that walked through the corridors of NEM”.

This article is an attestation of what has been going on behind the scenes and how these misconceptions about Makoto’s involvement seem to persist without a valid reason. Makoto had stated at the time of his departure that he would write to anyone to correct any statement that was wrong, but that was not the case, again, and again.

As a result, we see no other option than to publish this open letter with a reference to the full story (including evidence) in order to set things straight once and for all. This has to be done to put a halt to the disinformation and misinformation, coming from many sources, that Makoto Takemiya was the founder of NEM and the lead developer in the NEM blockchain technology.

We are not at all comfortable with this statement that Makoto Takemiya was the founder and lead developer of NEM, especially when Tech Bureau is having an uphill task in trying to establish NEM in Japan.

Summary of our statements

The following is an account of what the true story has been with Makoto Takemiya. More can be read in detail in the links provided below.

  • Takemiya was not the founder of NEM
  • Takemiya did not invent, create, nor develop NEM
  • Takemiya did not develop mijin
  • Takemiya was not instrumental in a bank POC
  • Takemiya did not develop any business alliances among Tech Bureau and its partners
  • Scheming with Akitsu Corp.,
  • Closure of Akitsu
  • Post Akitsu - Incorporation of Soramitsu Corp.
  • Damages to Dragonfly
  • Damages to Tech Bureau
  • Damages to NEM

We hope by issuing this blog and making it public, we can once and for all establish the real facts about Makoto Takemiya and his heinous acts and put this behind us so that we can all move forward.

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