NEM Foundation Vice President Jeff McDonald will be a Keynote speaker at CoinAgenda Summit in Las Vegas on Monday, January 8. Mr. McDonald Keynote topic is “Advanced Blockchain Applications for Money and Beyond.”

CoinAgenda Summit is the largest CoinAgenda to date, with more than 25,000 sq. feet at Caesar’s Palace to hold 1,000 attendees, 40 speakers/presenters and 75 exhibits. CoinAgenda will be taking place with an opening party on Sunday, January 7, and the conference on Monday, January 8. This will be just prior to the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show®, during the CES® pre-show and media days, the event is perfectly timed to attract entrepreneurs, investors and media from around the globe.

CoinAgenda is also a sponsor of the official blockchain sessions during CES at Digital Money Forum, where CoinAgenda founder Michael Terpin is an advisor.

About Jeff McDonald
Jeff McDonald is the Vice President of the NEM Foundation and has been working as a Core Team member on the NEM project since before its launch. He worked from 2008 until 2017 as an assistant professor at Keimyung University in South Korea teaching communications classes. Before that he worked in Lesotho, Southern Africa for two years as a US Peace Corps Volunteer.

Jeff has been a blockchain enthusiast since 2013 and an advocate for blockchains to be used as more than just a ledger for financial transactions but instead also as a ledger and security solution for valuable information. As the inventor of the Apostille protocol on NEM and the CEO of LuxTag, a company offering the most advanced document notarization and tokenization solutions on the blockchain, he further champions expanding boundaries of blockchain beyond sending money.