Today, something important happened here. After months of quiet planning, design, and development, Dragonfly has successfully managed to send crypto from the NEM testnet to a mijinnet, and vice versa. By extension, this means we are able to send crypto from any blockchain to any blockchain within the NEM ecosystem, whether it is a mijinnet, testnet, or mainnet.

This has great implications and sets new standards in the development of blockchain technology. We look forward to more details and good news from Dragonfly as they continue to develop and productize this solution.

In the same breath, we were told that Dragonfly is completing the design and planning for a KYC solution that is built on the NEM platform. This again, is a groundbreaking solution, exploiting the power of the blockchain technology in NEM.

We will keep you updated as more things come out of Dragonfly as they continue to break new grounds.