Amazon AWS offers VPS for their customers.

They offer a free VPS for one year

They require a credit card to set up an account

Here are a few instructions on how to set an Ubuntu Linux sever up. At first it looks challenging, but it is really easy.

First go to Amazon AWS website
and click on "Sign into Console"

If you have an account with Amazon, login. If not create one.

Once you are logged into the console. Click on EC2 on the top left corner.

At the EC2 management console, select the region you want to create the Virtual Server in at the top right corner.
Then select "Launch Instance"

Select Ubuntu 14.04 as the Machine Image

Select a t2.micro, with 1G memory, Then click on Configure Instance Details in the lower right hand corner.

Review the Configure Instance Details, The defaults are usually sufficient. Then click on Next: Add Storage in the bottom right corner.

Change the amount of storage to how much you want. Free tiers get up to 30G. Then click on Next: Tag Instance

Give your Instance a name that you like, then click on Next: Configure Security Group

Select Create New Security Group, the click on Add Rule.

Select Type Custom TCP Rule, Port Range 7890, Source Anywhere. Then click on Review and Launch

Review the instance settings, and then Click on Launch

Select Create a New Key Pair, Give the Key a name, Download Key Pair

Save the new key
Do not lose it!

Click on Launch Instance

Your Instance will now be launched. Click on the Instance identifier to get back to the main EC2 Management Console

Click on Connect

The Connect to your Instance box has important information, your IP number and how to connect to your new instance.

You can also connect with the built in Java console.

A good tutorial for using the putty client with Amazon EC2 is here.

This should get you started using the Free Amazon EC2 Instances. In my next post I will give you code that will easily configure you instance, add software, install NEM, and scripts to make it easy to start, stop, and upgrade.

Have Fun