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Catapult is more than just an improvement to the NEM blockchain. It is an industry milestone that opens up new capabilities for blockchain database functionality. We’re looking for like-tribe developers who want to collaborate, innovate and deploy real projects on the NEM Blockchain. The interest in Catapult has been accelerated by the recent release of the developer preview, and today we’re ready to share with you an overview of the roadmap.

There are four phases to the current roadmap:

  • Phase 1: Catapult Developer Preview and SDK release
  • Phase 2: Catapult Dual-licensing both in Open Source and a Commercial license
  • Phase 3: Testnet Release
  • Phase 4: Mainnet Release

Each one of these phases will have its own milestones and will enable different ways for you to build Decentralized Applications on top of Catapult. At the beginning of each stage, we will be publishing details on the different milestones involved.

The recent rollout of Phase 1 included the release of the following tools:

We work in an open environment and invite you to check out these tools, contribute to them on Github and help us arrive at better solutions. In order to get started with these tools, you’ll need to apply for the Catapult Private Developer Beta access here.

We’re passionate about what we do and this release is of particular importance since it marks a shift on NEM’s possible collaboration models. NEM is moving into an open source development model where everyone (including you) can participate in official projects as well as bring their own open source projects to be promoted by the Foundation. We think that’s pretty cool and we’re excited to work with you to deploy interesting projects.

In the future we’ll regularly publish more detailed posts on multiple topics and updates on the tools that are being built. We’ll start with a series of tech posts that will detail our current milestones.

To begin with, some of our main priorities are:

  • Extending the SDKs to provide support for more programming languages.
  • Extending the SDKs into Libraries Extend the SDK features as libraries.
  • Improving existing wallets and tools.
  • Creating seed projects and sample applications as well as backend servers.

Together we’re building amazing projects on Catapult and we’re looking for passionate developers to join us on our adventure. If you want to be a part of a collaborative team that is developing and delivering creative solutions that are changing the future of blockchain, you belong here with us. We’re excited and inspired by what we’re building and you will be too.

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