Psst, hi Community! The Catapult brand recommendation proposal will go live today at 3:00 PM PST (Dec 19th at 8:00 AM, UTC+9) here in the NEM forums. A lot of work has gone into this proposal over the past year. As a little tease to the proposal, I want to remind folks how the brand began.


One reason the NEM logo is seen as so well-fitting with the eye is the use of the golden ratio or 1.618 in numbers. This was intentional. The same is used for what is famously called the Fibonacci levels.


It’s a universal number that can be found in everything and anything important from the universe & galaxies to plants and fruits or humans, the great pyramids and other ancient buildings. It’s everywhere.


No really, everywhere.


It is in the nature of that number to produce a proportion that we all feel good with. Whatever uses it is said to have success and blossom. And we wanted to honor this legacy to the community in the new brand proposal.


So keep your eyes on this space today at 3PM PST/8:00 AM, UTC+9 and see if you can find the Easter Egg to the original community in the new brand logo and name design.

Thank you community!
The Brand Steering Committee

PS: Thank you Mixmaster, Jeff McDonald, Makoto, and Brain for sharing the history of the NEM shield logo and helping those new to NEM better understand the design and care that went into creating it.

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