Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰
On behalf of the Brand Steering Committee, we want to sincerely thank everyone for your vote of confidence in our new brand, Symbol.

The final vote carried a weighted score of 3.32635% for YES.


The new year brings us a new brand and takes us forward toward exciting events around the launch of Symbol. The next phase has already begun and we want to share a few important updates with you:

  • Ticker POI vote will go live on mid-January (more details soon!) Sample ticker name options include the following community and agency recommendations:

πŸ’‘ Please note: Some of these name suggestions are not ISO 4217 compliant (which means to be compliant we would need to keep to 3 characters max.) Not all ticker names are ISO compliant but in general, ticker names are recommended to be between 3-5 characters. Due to various reasons, we are refraining from including the following ticker in this vote: CAT, NEM, XEM, SYM (there are already multiple SYMs).

  • Symbol Brand Guidelines and Visual Guide (English version) will be available at end-January. These guidelines will give a comprehensive overview of the following: font and typography, logo specification and usage, color palette, images (as well as image use specification), text and tone, visual examples to support each rule, asset usage (including trademark guidelines), overview of brand vision and personality, and more.

  • Symbol Brand Guidelines and Visual Guide (Localized versions) will be available by mid-February.

Many of you have asked about community usage around the trademark policy and while this will be specified in the final Guidelines, we did want to share that the trademarks will be open to our community but will also need to be followed so the brand is not misused, used to deceive or mislead others. More details will be forthcoming on this.

  • New branding will be slowly phased into marketing channels, development tools and guides, PR, and communication. In general, branding adoption can take up to 3+ months to fully implement once final assets are delivered.

  • Lastly, the agency and legal teams have moved forward with remaining trademark filings in various regions.

Congratulations again, everyone! Please leave a comment below if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you,
The Brand Steering Committee