On 7th. July, 2016, we made a major announcement on the formation of a legal entity. This is ongoing and we hope to complete this by the end of July.

We would like to follow up with this call for resources so that we can have a first right of refusal for those who are in the community - provided they are suitable for the job - and are interested in contributing their time for the betterment of NEM as a whole.

Not many have realised the importance of this historic event, but it is worthwhile to note again that its formation will put NEM as a leading organisation in the cryptocurrency industry and will set us apart from the rest.

This in itself will take NEM to the next level, as an enterprise-class development, and with a vision that puts us at par with some of the world's leading not-for-profit organisations on technology.

As such, we would once again like to call upon Nemsters to step up, be counted, and be part of this historic moment.

As an example of how this initiative is going to shape up, we have been invited to participate and speak to mainstream business enterprises in some or all of the 40 locations that have been made available to us, covering at least 6,000 mainstream professionals in the financial industry.

This is no small feat, but the opportunity is there for us to take advantage of. The will is there but we need bodies to bring it to fruition. Nevertheless, we will continue to aggressively channel our energy and efforts in our Blue Ocean approach. We did it before with limited resources, albeit in a small scale. And we will do it iteratively, in however which way it takes us to get there.

So, please go over and fill this form to express your interest and help make NEM a nemtastic blockchain organisation for the world. You will need to have a google email to be able to log in and fill in the form.